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Elana has been an artist all her life. She can't remember a time when she wasn't creating. Although life has taken her down many paths in its twists and turns, her artistic passion always led her back to creative pursuits.

Elana began her art career primarily as a realist artist in the academic tradition with her studies taking her to the Academy of Realist Art in Toronto. Although still working in this style part of the time, after achieving her Master Spinner Certification from Olds College, Elana began creating work found in the intersection of fine art and fibre art by incorporating fibre arts practices such as hand-spinning, stitching and mending techniques into fine art pieces.

Elana's work is informed by the concept of Other and how it manifests in contemporary society. Her work captures a moment of intimacy between her subjects and the viewer. Her work is often characterized by a larger than life look at her subjects and invites the viewer to participate in thought provoking conversations about challenging subject matter.

Elana's work can be found in collections around the world.

Commission information available on request.

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