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“I have been a professional visual artist for over fifteen years working in traditional media. Eight years ago I began my journey into the technical hand-spinning world and from this began incorporating aspects of the fibre arts into my artwork. My practice today is in the intersection between the traditional arts and fibre arts. My subject matter is contemporary in nature and so creates a comparison and contrast between the old and the new as the viewer sees the modern world through the lens of the past art forms. 


Much of my current art work combines aspects of older art forms in the textiles world into a single new way of working. I have used a variety of stitching practices such as needlework, beadwork, traditional mending techniques and fused them with traditional fine art practices such as drawing, ink work and encaustic on paper. I focus on using all-natural materials such as silk, cotton or glass.”



Elana Goodfellow has been a portrait painter in the classical tradition for more than fifteen years and a hand spinner for eleven. She has achieved her Master Spinner Certification from Olds College. Bringing the art and craft of the past into the present is Elana’s passion. 

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