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Progress of a Civilization

Our modern society has been built on the advances of technology and its seamless integration into everyday life. It comes with the illusion of allowing us more free time for leisure yet it has had the opposite affect: we are busier than ever and everyday life moves faster than it ever has. Pressure is everywhere to do more with less.


The biggest lie of them all: More with less.


As opposed to what this modern business mantra implies, we never achieve more with less, it is always less with less. We settle for what is inadequate, what only solves symptoms, what doesn’t really change anything. We get a lower quality of life, lower quality goods and a reduced appetite to even attempt to find the root cause of problems. More with less is not the answer.


Using traditional techniques and materials, each artwork in this series creates a contrast between the subject of the modern working life and the sacrifices that are made to meet its demands. It contrasts old with new, slow with fast and asks the viewer to consider what is really progressive.

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