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Repairing Broken Lives

This series began with exploring the emotional side of what it would feel like to experience loss: the loss of your family, the loss of your country, the loss of the only home you have ever known.


The loss of everything.


And what it would feel like to be in a new place where you know no one, you don’t speak the language of the people you now live with, you don’t share the same life experiences as those around you. You have seen your country devolve into a war zone and although it is home, it is not the home you knew. And the new place you are in, is not home yet.


The life of a new refugee.


And then I saw a documentary of an artist who works with children in the refugee camps to create artwork that reflects the future that they see. And their visions were full of hope. They had experienced things no child should ever have to and yet still they had hope.


Drawing on traditional mending techniques, this series takes torn images of childhood and stitches them back together. In the same way that we stitch our lives back together. Whether we have been through childhood trauma or just the the pain of everyday life.


There is always hope.

There is always a better future.

Lives can always be repaired.

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